Coaching solutions that are as individual as your practice.

Dr. Irwin BeckerEvery dental practice is unique, with individual goals, challenges and concerns. While Continuing Education courses are helpful, when the courses end, you still need to apply those learnings to your own individual practice.

By taking advantage of effective in-office coaching and team workshops offered by Irwin Becker, DDS, you can do just that.

This hands-on highly personalized approach will allow you and your team to assess the challenges your practice faces, work on critical technical skills, develop enhanced communication strategies and reach for the practice style you've always dreamed of.

Since 1982, Irwin Becker DDS has been guiding dentists to higher levels of technical proficiency and enhanced practice satisfaction at The Pankey Institute. He is a nationally renowned speaker, clinician and educator who excels in clinical practice, especially in the areas of occlusion, treatment planning, periodontal prosthesis, restorative dentistry and esthetics. His on-site consulting and guidance will help you improve your practice, your patient care and your work satisfaction.

"Dr. Becker has been a trusted mentor and friend to me for years although this was the first time he had visited my office. He has an incredibly unique talent. In a very short period of time he focused on the individuals and recognized the specific details needed for each individual team member (including me, the dentist) to excel. Having worked with and trained thousands of dentists, he has a rare perspective of dental practices. He knows precisely what is needed for success and continued growth. The information he presented to me and my team has directly impacted our day to day thinking. He challenged us to think much "bigger". I would highly recommend Dr. Becker to any dentist who has the courage to grow"

Stephen K. Malone, DMD
Knoxville, TN